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Food is consistently a tough subject for a variety of reasons but the one I find most challenging in is the volume of conflicting information from “credible” sources. I emphasize credible not to imply that I am dubious of any source that I don’t personally have knowledge of but raise the question about what makes one source more credible than another. I think the number of sources more than the credibility of a given source is the reason for a large portion of the confusion. Should we eat eggs? How many eggs per week? Are the yolks okay or should I just eat the whites? The tide of the egg debate seems to change along with the senate majority.  Grains are even more complex. No grain, whole grain, sprouted grain, gluten free, stone ground, steel cut, or hulled with a black laser, there seems to be no end to the variance and the opinions on which variables matter most. I think that continually looking for better is a great way to go. Choose the best of what is available to you with the knowledge that you presently have and work from there. When you add a little knowledge then you can choose a little better. I don’t know if there is a best but most of us are so far from it I think we have some time before we have to worry about it. While I was in Florida I met a woman who eats cereal every day for breakfast. Some of you are thinking, “good for her, start your day off right with some fiber and carbohydrates.” We could say that with her current knowledge she was making the best choice and therefore she fits the heuristic. The glaring issue was that her morning breakfast alternated between Fruit Loops and Captain Crunch. I don’t know what educated adult would argue that Fruit Loops is a wise choice. I don’t know if I would even call it a choice. I feel like that is the kind of cereal people are relegated to dad has worked in six months and there is an 89% off coupon in the newspaper. I am not in favor of regular grain consumption but even in the cereal aisle I think we can agree that there are better options. All I am encouraging you to do is choose better based on what you know. Sometimes there is more pleasure is choosing poorly but that should be the exception and not the rule. Better is sometimes the lesser of two evils. French fries, baked potato, or mashed potatoes is a great example from your average steakhouse. They really want to get those starches on your plate. If we consistently just choose better we will find ourselves making some healthful choices without having to read every article on folic acid and its effect on prenatal health. Why don’t we just choose spinach over iceberg for our salad and broccoli over corn for our vegetable and chicken wings over cupcakes? It doesn’t have to be the best, especially when better will suffice.

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  1. “Choose better.” Yes. Well said. And good review of the debate. I have not found any tenet or theory that does not have proponents arguing polar opposites. Even my friends are inconsistent: one eats sugar and thrives, another has sworn off all sugar and thrives.

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