You think muscles grow on trees?!

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So much has happened I just don’t know where to begin. First of all Tiger almost did a double under, Clancy almost did a muscle up, and Irvine and I almost snatched a world record weight. If Tiger had turned the rope about 5% faster she would have nailed it. If Clancy had been listening to her sports psychologist and stopped overthinking the movement she would have nailed it. (That’s right, Erin Clancy has a psychologist strictly for dealing with athletic performance related issues.) If Irvine had snatched my bodyweight instead of his bodyweight and I had snatched 15kg over my current PR and you combined the weights we each lifted then that number would be in the running for heaviest weight ever lifted. That’s right folks. We are talking world record lifts. Oh well.

Welcome back 7am Friday’s. For the first time in the history of October 2010 we are going to be having classes on Friday’s at 7am. I know you have wanted it for a long time and Harpa takes great pleasure in keeping things from you but I put my foot down and I said “look her you blonde haired, blue eyed, snake in wolf’s clothing with. These folks deserve to get up early on a Friday morning to take a beating before work.” Harpa looked me right in the eye and said “My eyes are actually green.” I accented and we moved on with our day. Long story short, I give the people what they want. You can thank me with gift certificates for accupuncture.

Congrats to everyone who endured the October challenge. It was murder. Congrats to Blaze for taking longer than anyone else to complete the workout. Granted he was the only one who did it Rx, it still took half the morning. I pumped to be back in the gym. I promise to never leave you guys again in October.

4 Comments on “You think muscles grow on trees?!”

    1. And class misses you. You’ve made a huge mistake. I still think you are the cats nads. Enjoy Tacoma or Tijuana or wherever the hell you are living now.

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