You should get outside more

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 The sun is shining and that means we can go outside. Not to imply that I won't send you out on a frigid run in February but now you can at least get some vitamin D and expose your awesomeness to the world. Lululemon is sponsoring a series of outdoor workouts and today your 2nd favorite trainer is going to be leading a class at the sculpture park at 6pm. There will still be "regular" class at the gym led by your 5th favorite trainer so you have options. That is how we are rolling these days. OPTIONS! I think the park wod will be better so I encourage you to come to the park. Meet at the naked child fountain at 6pm. Not to encourage you one one or the other but the wod in the gym will involve 70 burpees. The wod in the park will involve 0 burpees.


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