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Team captains are fielding a lot of questions and it is great. I am excited how involved folks are getting. I am also jazzed about the support people are offering to their teammates. Winning, points, good days, and bad are just a part of a process of self exploration in the arena of food and nutrition. This is not about the points. It is about you learning some things about the things you eat, your relationship to them, and how they are affecting your body. 90 days is short relative to your time on the planet so far and for most of us(excluding Jan) it is short relative to the time we have left. In fact I hope that you take some things away from this challenge that extend the good years you have left.

One of the things that has been coming up a lot is potatoes/sweet potatoes. Are they in or out? Good or bad? Is one better than the other? Here is the deal. They are in. Peel them, cook them long and slow, eat them, enjoy them. They have some good stuff in there. The challenge with potatoes in my opinion comes from several fronts. For many of us the cooking method is the problem. Frying makes them oh so delicious but it adds oh so much unwanted crap into the equation that it leaves me wanting a better choice for you. For others the problem lies with the accoutrements. Without sugar, dairy, and grains many of us are left with an unappealing spud on our plate. So many sauces, and other accompaniments are sugar laden and therefore out of reach. Lame. My thing with them is the poor relationship between density of carbohydrates and density of life extending, performance enhancing, ass shaping nutrients. When you put any sort of potato in a head to head contest against just about any other bright colored vegetable you will find that calorie for calorie potatoes are bringing much to the table in terms of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and prettiness. It is so easy to chow down on a big serving of potato anything. Consider though that you will consuming 3 times the carbs of a similar serving of brocolli as well as missing out on a boat load of fiber and other cancer fighting awesomeness. So yes or no? It is totally up to you. What I am encouraging you to do is choose the best thing for you as often as you possibly can.

I have added a response from Rex to her team because it offers some helpful info. None of the names were changed in order to shame the guilty or protect the innocent. Depends on how you slice it.

From Rexy’s Noggin:

Hello ALL!  So we just had our weekly morning trainer meeting and I wanted to make a few points of CLARIFICATION:

1. Almond Milk –  I was wrong Dail.  Almond milk is okay.  As is Hemp milk. Still NO SOY.  They must be UNSWEETENED Plain, but yes.

2. Potatoes – They are low on the food spectrum of choice – specifically WHITE potatoes (b/c we are racist) so though they will not earn you a 0 for the day they are not the preference. And if you can make sure you TAKE THE PEAL OFF.  Seriously.

3. Nuts – yes you can eat them.  Just try not to go (heh) NUTS on them.  I notice I feel better when I don’t have too many, but that is me.  For balancing your O-3/O-6 count – macadamias are actually best. If you are giving up legumes NO PEANUTS here is a great article on peanuts:

4. Honey – NO.  If you are giving up SUGAR. HONEY IS A NO.  As is any sweetner. The point is to get your body to stop having the response to sweet.  I am going to write more on this, but NO. No. NO.

5. Fail Safe Judgement – REMEMBER the REASON we are doing this is not to game the system.  BUT – to make you more awesome, to make you feel better, and live longer, and get healthier.  Hence these rules.  So a rule of thumb when confronted with a choice is to think of these 2 questions:  Is this a High Quality Food?  How close is it to real food?  There are some deli meats that are NON-FOOD, but then there are others that are a solid choice – with just meat and no additives.  Look for those options.

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