You can call it a WOD on vacation

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Folks are frequently emailing me about their vacation plans and asking me to send them a few workouts to do while they are travelling.  Right out of the gate I am wondering “where is the journal full of workouts that I have been writing and you have diligently been recording for the past however long you have been coming to XCF?” Take your workout journal on vacation with you and repeat something that fits the available equipment. That is just my initial thought. My second thought is
“take an effing break! You are on vacation so act like it. Can’t you go a week without a beat down or something to make you talk about me at dinner even more so your wife can hate me even more than she already does?”

That being said I do have some thoughts about simple and or effective uses of your time and resources while travelling.


RUNNING! Go long. We don’t go long much in the gym especially running. At least 3 miles. Or more. A lot more. See some new stuff. Hopefully you are someplace cool so take advantage.

In the running vein you can do aerobic power work. We do it in the gym all of the time.

Try one of these two:

Run 1:00 at 95% effort(walk rest 5:00) x5-8 sets. When you hit that critical drop off point shut it down. You will know based on feel when you are there. Performance drops of 20% or more mark a critical drop off. Feeling shitty is not a reason to stop. At least not all of the time.

:30 sprint 90%
:30 jog 50%
x30 sets

Lots of hotels have gyms with a few dumbbells and such. With a set of dumbbells the options go through the roof. I like to keep it pretty simple though. Since most people are looking for a beat down in a hurry I will keep it simple.

Easiest format in the world is Death by_________. One rep in the first minute, two in the second minute, three in the third and so on until you can’t stay ahead of the clock.

Grab two 35# db for death by thrusters. If you need the workout to be over sooner or if you are incredibly strong like Charles then grab some heavier db. I promise you that a set of 50# db won’t keep you in the gym very long.

Death by burpees
Death by pull ups
Death by 10m sprints(extra awesome as a shuttle)

Don’t go anywhere without your trusty jump rope. The most portable training tool ever.

Here are a few to try on:

15 db thrusters
50 DU
5 rounds for time

DU 50-40-30-20-10
for time

Sit ups

Max DU 10 min

Max backward DU 10 min

Max triple unders 10 min

20 min continuous jump roping. Cycle through various steps. 1 burpee penalty every time you make a mistake. 5 burpee penalty every time you stop jumping without making a mistake.

I think vacations are a great time to do some stuff that we need but we may not like so it get’s overlooked when cooler things like snatches on the docket.

Handstands-practice free handstand, handstand walking, hspu
External Rotator @3010 x10/side x3
Trap 3
Powel raise
Single leg dead lifts
Turkish get ups(try 100 reps not for time)
DB overhead squats is always a crowd pleaser.

Many folks have been to a physical therapist or some other type of bodywork specialist. You probably have a list of stuff that you should be working on. Start shoring up those weaknesses so you can come back to the gym more stable than ever.

My absolute favorite travel workout ever is to do max burpees in 20 seconds and then repeat that number on the minute for up to 20 min.

Be creative. You have learned a ton since you joined XCF so take some of that stuff you know and have some fun. It doesn’t have to be a suffer fest. It also doesn’t have to be fun to be fun.

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  1. Bundy, Great job! You’ve been pretty good for a long while so I sort of forgot how bad you used to be. If that makes sense.

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