…yeah but how do I…?

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CrossFit is legit. There is no denying the efficacy of mix modal, high intensity training, using primarily functional movements. Is it for everybody? Yes and no. Everyone can benefit. Not everyone will enjoy it. Enjoyment is a huge piece. If you don’t like it you won’t give it everything and whatever you hold back will be withheld in terms of results, pace of progress, and longevity. One of the reasons folks find it tough is because the prescription is so general. While everyone can benefit from being stronger some folks have some unique and important needs that are not addressed in a way that maximizes each person individual opportunity for success. One of the ways folks can get more out of CrossFit is to get some individual attention. Get some help working on your unique weaknesses. This may be technique in the gym, nutritional assistance, or even coaching around lifestyle. We have folks who work with us who want to compliment what happens in class like Silver or folks who work completely on their own, sometimes in a different gym, who just need help creating a plan. Silver invested the extra time to work on his barbell skills. We worked technique, positioning, as well as had conversations around effort and lifestyle. If you have watched the changes over the past 6 months then you know he is putting in the work. This is the first of many highlight videos of our program design clients.

2 Comments on “…yeah but how do I…?”

  1. First things first: I doff my cap to Ms. Nimz-Rosa–her exploits in the gym are legendary. May your first child be a masculine child.

    Second, I believe I had 137kg on that bar, not 127.

    Finally, I’ve never been a big believer in personal training. The only reason I meet with Jordan individually is because when I first joined the gym he duped me into thinking that the super-delux training package (which included a monthly one-on-one appointment) was the only package available.

    Now, however, I’ll freely admit the extra training has helped me in a number of ways. I still eat shitloads of glutan and feel great–that hasn’t changed. But monitoring progress, working on technique, and setting goals in the individual sessions has helped me make the most of the time I spend in class.

    JH is clairvoyant in his ability to tell you exactly what you can accomplish if you just try. I didn’t believe him when he said I could deadlift 300 lbs by September; 300 was my lifetime goal. I was wrong by 65 lbs. and a couple of years.

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