Xplore CrossFit wants to know what your sign is

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Losing 5 pounds is super easy. Losing 10 pounds is even easier. You just have to do the right things most or all of the time and continue to do that until you hit your goal. Then once you are there it is a beautiful and delicate dance to maintain, unless you have fully committed to an appropriate fitness and nutrition lifestyle instead of just abstaining from cake and alcohol to fit into a dress for a wedding weekend before you plow through cupcakes and tequila like it was an Olympic sport. Since getting in shape is always a hop skip and a jump away it makes sense that folks put it off for such a long time, right?

Not quite. In fact, the longer you wait the harder it gets. The factors are compounding. The first thing that went wrong is that some lifestyle factor changed, something small that you didn’t connect with a change in fitness or body composition. Maybe a promotion or buying a new house. Then you work more, or you spend your weekend cleaning up the extra thousand square feet and cutting grass instead of hiking or whatever your thing was before yard work became your new thing. Then you started kickball, which seemed like a good idea except the games are at 845 pm in Issaquah and you guys eat crap before during and after, and then you realize you don’t really move all that much in kickball so the pre-game carb load and the post-game recovery calories aren’t really serving you all that well. And then it is another thing and another thing until it is 25 pounds that you tell yourself you have gained, but it is actually 35 because you didn’t start counting until your pants got tight.

And so the journey back is long and confusing and harder than you expected. Untangling 35 pounds over 5-10 years is complicated. It wasn’t just wine with dinner or dessert when you are out with friends. It was also less sleep weeknights because of “deadlines”, and stress from work and your relationship, and you couldn’t get pregnant or you got pregnant before you wanted to, or your knee thing or your back thing or that other thing. The things just kept on piling up. Some of them you really enjoy and you can’t remember what it was like before the thing so you won’t give it up, even though it is contributing to this situation you are unhappy with – which is getting winded walking up the stairs, and having a whole wardrobe you can’t fit into, or not wanting to wear shorts anymore, or whatever it is every time you pass by the gym that makes you say, “I really should start something.”

You don’t need to wait until it is too much to bear. Now is as good a time as any. Make a move in a direction that will feel good to your future self. If you are waiting for a sign then this is it. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. And the people who will join you on the journey are cool and they want you to win. Maybe XCF is your place. Maybe your place is your garage with Tony. I don’t care. Do something. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable on a journey towards a better, stronger, fitter, healthier you.

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