Xplore CrossFit supports indignant motivations

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Several years ago an aerobically fit but muscularly pathetic CEO of a not quite flourishing start up joined XCF. Shortly after, he signed up his whole staff in an effort to create a legion of programmers with sick deadlifts and muscle ups. He succeeded on all counts. That man’s name was Charles Bartholomew Augustus Mount. That company is called Onehub. They are probably still in business. Who knows with startups opening and closing 113 times an hour. Anyhow the entire workforce of Onehub started coming in and making incredible gains. It wasn’t right away mind you. It was very very sad in the beginning. It got better though. And quickly. In fact it got so good that several of the spouses and partners of these fine gentlemen started coming in as well. One in particular is pictured above and her motivations still make me smile. Ever since they met, Karen was better then Leigh at every physical pursuit under the sun. Well except for DJ’ing. Leigh absolutely destroys Karen as a DJ. Anyhow, she could trounce him at anything and took it as a quiet point of pride. Well after Leigh starts making gains at XCF it was no longer a given than she would win at everything. In fact he started to give her a run for her money. I think he even got on top a few times. I digress though. Karen decided that if CF was his secret weapon than she would undermine his efforts by doing the exact same thing. They even trained together some days. It was beautiful. It is like Romeo and Juliet but with more spite and deadlifts. I love it. Nothing life changing. Just a story from the gym that makes me happy.

They were so supportive of one another that on days that they didn’t get to train together, if Leigh had already trained he would hang out until Karen got her workout in. Amazing.

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