Xplore CrossFit loves effort

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Right now I am sitting at the beautiful, and inspired front desk at the XCF Capitol Hill gym. There is a class going on, and two athletes caught my eye. I am watching them do some rowing intervals. One of the athletes has been doing CrossFit for about 2 years. The other is in her first class after completing the on ramp course this past Wednesday. The veteran is producing almost 100% more power on the erg. The neophyte looks ready to quit. I am moved equally by both athletes. It is awesome to see people reaching the limits of human performance. It is also amazing to see people approaching the limits of their own performance no matter how meager the numbers,. Mental or physical limits, it doesn’t matter. Right now we are all capable of something. It might not be much in some arenas, but it is incredible when we find that edge and hang out there. It might be CrossFit, glass blowing, or just not punching Janice in human resources. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable translates everywhere. The more time we spend out there on the margins of our experiences and close to the limits of our abilities the better we become. Somewhere you are the nube and somewhere you are the master. There is beauty in both places. Keep striving.

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  1. Beautifully said. Thanks for the inspiration. I think a lot about how the physical skills we learn in CrossFit translates into our own lives, enabling us to be more confident, patient and dedicated to the process of achieving goals.

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