Xplore CrossFit loves digging deep

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CrossFit is terrible sometimes. Not in a “hurts so good” kind of way either. I mean just absolutely “why am I paying for this terrible.” We do stuff that sucks so bad when you see it on the board your first thought is whether or not anyone really noticed that you came in and if you went back to work right now you would probably get so much work done you would get a promotion and extra vacation time so it is probably in your best interest to skip that day’s training. There are just those days. Not every day. In fact most days are hard but fun in some way. But there are those shit sandwich days. Why do we do it? Even more, HOW do we do it? How do we hang on when hanging on feels like death? The easy answer to why we do it, is that doing it takes us to a place that contains our better, and maybe our best. We are strivers. That is why we do it. How we do it though is another story. The how is connected to every single person that trains at XCF. You can’t do it alone. In fact if you were alone you would have quit a long time ago. Whether you know it or not it is the people suffering next to you that make you as good as you are. Maybe you are going twice as fast or twice as heavy. Maybe you are in dead last or 8 minutes over the time cap. Whoever you are, and whatever you are doing, if you are giving 100% then I am going to give 100%. Even when I don’t feel like it. Even when I don’t think I can. Maybe my 100% looks a lot like 6%. Maybe I am trying to pass my tears off as sweat. Maybe I am hoping you will quit so I can quit, but you don’t so I sure as hell won’t. The how comes from the community of people with a shared purpose. We believe something about the pursuit of fitness that binds us, and that is how we do it. That is how the really hard parts can be endured. That is what makes the parts that make you want to quit manageable enough that you not only to finish, but you come back to face it again another day, and to dig even deeper.

We recently tested our 500m row and if you were there then you know. Fish has just been cleared for all activity after knee surgery so he hadn’t attempted a max effort anything in nearly 6 months. He started his row and about 350m in he gave in the the suckiness. He told me he couldn’t go on. He was too out of shape. He would try it again later. Unacceptable. 16 other folks felt just as bad and hung on. Part of what holds a community together is the expectation that we will hold each other accountable. That is what makes a community great.  He got back on and it was incredible to watch him dig, waiver, continue, waiver, dig, want to give up and then be bolstered by a mob of people who wanted him to win as much as they desired their own victories. It is what sets XCF apart. We are striving for more and we are not striving alone.

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