Xplore CrossFit loves AIDs…

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It is time to do some good for our favorite chocolate orphans.
This is a transcript from a note I just received from two of the kids at the orphanage down in South Africa that we send stuff to:
We wanna thank you so much for the soccer boots you gave us. They have made us great players ihe soccer field because of them.  We have been playing most games cause we have boots and they are required for any player to play.  So we appreciate them so much.We use our boots four times every week but they have wore-out so we kindly ask for new es .  That is size USA 8, 10, 5.
Pass our greetings to Erin and the child. 
from Ndabenhle and Sthabiso
The names are pronouced exactly like they are spelled.
Anyhow the the couple that runs the place is in Seattle visiting some family and they are down to take some stuff back with them. It is super short notice but I am fine with you guys taking stuff from your kids or the neighbor kids to help a good cause. They only asked for a few pairs of shoes but we can totally do better than that. We kill it every time so let’s not make this time any different.
Bring cleats to the gym. Lots of them. Tomorrow or Saturday. If you just want to drop off some cash I will go buy some cleats for you. I will be picking up 5 pairs and I will shop for anyone who doesn’t have time to shop. New or used. Everything helps.
I will be meeting up with the Borgmans on Sunday so I need to have everything together by then.
Thanks in advance. You guys blow my mind on a regular basis.
afro poor
This is what happens when XCF doesn’t do its part to save the feet of African children.
afro awesome
This is pretty much what happens when we do.
You guys are basically saving the world through soccer.


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