Xplore CrossFit likes to reflect

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I have spent 41 of the last 48 hours working hard to get the doors of Xplore CrossFit on Capitol Hill open. There have been a lot of frustrations. Boatloads. So many in fact that I have often lost sight of the wins and more importantly of the people who have been working alongside me to make it happen. Even the people who are merely having to deal with my absence. Today we had 4 inspections scheduled. All four of these were required to pass our 5th and final inspection. We passed all four with flying colors. Win. I forgot to pay for parking for 8 hours on the hill and I didn’t get a parking ticket. When does that happen? Win. I have never had to work alone on a single aspect of this alone. Moving equipment, painting, cleaning, lifting, financial statements, web development, and countless other things involved with expanding our reach. I have had help every step of the way. Win. We have members and we aren’t even open yet. Super win. The new gym is 50 steps from Lil’ Woody’s, The Baguette Box, Terra Plata, and Homegrown. Win(ish) That’s a whole lotta French fries. Long story short there are a lot of wins. A huge number of wins. So many in fact that as I am writing I am struggling to remember why I was so wrapped up in the struggles. It turns out we are going to be even later than expected. Two more days in fact. But that means I have 48 more hours to raise the bar on our offering. Folks are going to walk in and be wowed. Then they are going to train with us and be blown away even further. This place with this team when the time finally comes is going to rock this neighborhood. While you guys are all getting fitter, I am going to take a nap.

3 Comments on “Xplore CrossFit likes to reflect”

  1. Jordan, great write up of you experience! I trained your mom when they lived in Southern CA and I remember her telling me about your first gym! Good job! You are doing great work!

  2. This is great! Love that you take the time to write about this kind of stuff. Not enough people do that anymore (including myself). Looking forward to seeing the new space!

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