Xplore CrossFit is 7 years old

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Yesterday was the 7 year anniversary of Xplore CrossFit. I sat down to write a post that summed up all of the incredible things I have learned over the past seven years. I sat in front of a blank screen and all I could think about was that I wanted to take a nap. 7 years in business and my most pressing thought or concern was sleep. I am tired.

Cant’ slow down though. Not quite yet. There is so much to do. XCF has grown so much and what we have done so far is a drop in the bucket compared to what we have planned. We are so close to signing a lease on our second location. We are looking to expand our service offering downtown. We will be adding a yoga class this month as our first trial and then growing from there. If you have thoughts on what you’d like to see please don’t hesitate to share it. Pilates, spin, Zumba, nothing is off the table. I just want to see more and more people who enjoy being active. CrossFit is the best answer. For me. And maybe for you. Not for everyone. Our ambition is to help everyone who is willing to accept help.

Beast Fest was a huge success in its second year. We went from 36 athletes in year one to 120 athletes in year two and we plan to go bigger and better next year. Our training team is the best it has ever been and getting better. I am so proud of the folks who show up everyday and put on that red shirt.

Whether it is your first good air squat or your first muscle up we want to see lots of folks changed through the power of good movement.

I have no idea what the future holds but I am excited about the ride.

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

-Gretchen Rubin

The Happiness Project

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