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The other day Leary finishes training and he asks me what is the gym record on the new AC for 1 min. I tell him there is no record and since we had just finished training together, during which he said twice that he might vomit, he decides to give it a go. “Why not?” he says. Well I can think of 47 reasons right off the bat and they are every second of the test after the first 13 seconds. That is why not. We see the world through different lenses though so he saddles up and gets after it. The new gym record on the AC for 1 min was set at 42 cals. KD gets wind of it and decides to take a run at the title the other day. Leary happened to be in the gym ,  fresher than last time, so I roped him in to race Kevin. Amie Davis is here doing a whole lot of nothing so she was in too. None of the XCF ladies had tried it yet so I gave her the sweet opportunity to sit atop of the throne. I thought about doing it to but then I remembered that I effing hate that thing so I didn’t bring it up. Jodi walks in the door and I couldn’t by any rights just force her to do it so I make a silent decision that I will invite her to do it, and if she accepts the challenge then I will do it too. I am hoping she says no. In fact as soon as I made that internal decision I regretted it. I started getting sick to my stomach just preparing to ask her the question. I asked her and she said no. Thank the maker. I was off the hook. But it nagged at me. This is what we are here for. To push each other. To get better. Sometimes just to suffer together because that thing that pushes us forward sucks sometimes and it sucks just a little bit less when you are in it with someone. It is ultimately what keeps us together as a fitness community. Shared intention. So I pulled a bike out anyway and got in on the action. I was wrong. 13 seconds was longer than necessary to realize the terrible decision I made. It only took 11 seconds for me to experience a depth of sadness that threatened to consume all of my joy for the rest of my life. At 18 seconds I thought about quitting. On the old bikes I probably could have broken off a pedal and bowed out gracefully. These new ones are built too tough for that. At 31 seconds I checked to see if anyone else was looking. Lots of folks close their eyes when they move into that dark space. WIN! KD, Leary, and Amie all had their eyes closed. Just as I am about to hit the stop button I hear Jodi over my shoulder cheer me on. WHAT IS SHE DOING? I CAN’T QUIT NOW. I WILL DIE BECAUSE JODI WANTS TO BE AN EFFING CHEER LEADER. I AM DEAD AND IT IS JODI’S FAULT! Nothing left to do but finish. My heart did actually stop once during that minute and I saw my ancestors. They were angry. They said slavery was super hard and it didn’t make sense after all of these generations when I could do anything I wanted that I would choose this. In the end I took home a silver medal. Leary pulled out a disgusting 48 calories. I was no slouch with 44. Amie is leading the ladies side with 25. Kevin got some calories as well.

Everything up to that point is really just to talk about the pictures Jodi took.. She took one before and one after. Only the one before matters.

Let’s recap what happened.

Before we even do that let’s talk about my least favorite benchmarks in the gym. In no particular order the most loathsome things we do in the gym are: Fight Gone Bad, 500m row, 2000m row, and 1 min AC.

So, the recap.

I faced my fear. I set a personal record on the AC. I embraced the community aspect of our mission. I beat Kevin. I didn’t quit. I didn’t cry. I went on to have a very productive day.

When Jodi showed me the picture the ONLY thing I though was, “man I look fat.”

Our focus is telling. The things we pay attention to. The things we let distract us. These things can inhibit or even derail us. Let’s focus on the wins. I am not saying we should ignore the rest of it. Being out of touch with those things that truly are barriers to change is unwise but creating a barrier to change through negative thoughts or attitudes is also going to limit us.

What are you focusing on?


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