Xplore CrossFit breeds champions of all sorts

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This past weekend 120 or so folks gathered together for the most mediocre and awesome CrossFit competition in world. I say mediocre because it is full of middle of the road athletes. I say awesome because every single one of them left it all on the table and that is to be celebrated. Based on what we see during the CrossFit games season the weights were joke light and the workouts were cake but it’s relative. For the folks at the Festivus competition the workouts were grueling and the loads were oppressive and they displayed as much grit as any athlete I have seen anywhere. All I ever want is your best and this weekend that is exactly what was put on display. Ahtletes running their own races and winning. Winning because they showed up and dug deep. There were rankings and probably prizes but the beautiful thing about this competition was the celebration of everyone who tried. And everyone tried. Hard. I loved it. It also helped that 5 ladies from XCF competed, two first timers, and they all finished in the top 10. One of them even stood atop the podium.

Congrats to Jennifer Wheeler, Chelsea Sweetin, Jessica Sefte, Shandise Leary, and Sara Lerner.

2 Comments on “Xplore CrossFit breeds champions of all sorts”

  1. Though some could quibble about the use of “mediocre,” it is reasonable in comparison to the top 1% of the CrossFit athletes. The fact that first, these crossfit athletes on each side of average competed, and second, they gave it their all, and in some cases placed, is truly commendable worthy of honorable mention. Nice work Jordan!

    One can’t typically take a person beyond their instilled psychological and/or physical limitations by a soft, sensitive approach.

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