Xplore CrossFit believes in the power of positive energy

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There is something incredible that happens when we get together as a community of athletes and trainers to pursue a common purpose. Each of us are contributing to the collective energy of the gym. That thing that happens when we get together is what makes this place more than just a place to get a work out in. It becomes as much a part of the reason we show up here as anything else. Yes, we certainly want to be stronger, faster, leaner, and plenty more, but coming here, knowing, and being known, caring, and being cared for, that stuff changes lives as much if not more than bigger deadlifts, and first muscle ups. Everyone is bringing something to the table. Some days you don’t have much to offer and on those days just lean on the rest of us. On those days you get to take out more than you put in. Don’t stay in that place longer than you have to though. When you put in more than you take out everybody wins. That good thing that we all love gets to grow. It makes this place more vibrant. There is good stuff in reserve for days where more of us than not need to tap into it. Shitty work days, sick kids or maybe AC sprint repeats. It really just depends. This place is like a psychiatrist office with barbells some days. I love the energy that this place has and I charge all of you guys to keep pouring in and responding in kind when you feel it happening. The stuff we put out is contagious. Be conscious of what you are adding to any situation, relationship, or community. It all counts.

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