Xplore CrossFit believes in the 31st rep

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Check out White Tim’s 31st rep

We lift heavy weights. We do things for time. The combination of these two things is often criticized by CrossFit naysayers as dangerous, ineffective, or both. The case I would make against such things comes down to attitudes of trainers and athletes. Fast is a relative term. Doing something quickly doesn’t have to correlate with doing something incorrectly. As is the case in so many other arenas of life, doing something quickly, and poorly leads to having to do it over. Every time I complete a rep I am either get closer to, or further away from my goal. Whether that goal is improved technique, or an improved body composition. I make a decision every time I pick up the bar what sort of athlete I am going to be. As a trainer I make a decision every time I watch someone complete a lift what sort of coach I am going to be. Pretty over heavy and pretty before fast are two things I say in the gym quite often. I care so much more about how you do it then how fast you do it. Fast will come eventually and it is often the case that the fastest are also the prettiest. Regarding form. You can be ugly and strong.

I was lifting with White Tim the other day doing a disgusting emom with power cleans and weighted pull ups. We added weight to the bar as we moved through the session. The bar felt heavy in the first round so with added weight and added fatigue it felt like it was glued to the floor by the end. That being said as we got deeper into the session it actually became more critical to do it right. The stuff you get away with on a 60, 70, or 80k bar stops working at 100 or 120, or 150 depending on how strong you are. After 30 reps of 110k or higher for triples on the power clean Wheeler was still committed to good positions, open hips, elbow turnover. Trying to go fast and also being tired did not mean it had to get sloppy. Maybe his feet went a little wide but other than that I am super pleased with this lift. We should be constantly striving for perfect even when, and sometimes especially when we are trying to go fast. The few seconds that we might shave by compromising positions will not add much to our fitness. It will considerably increase our risk and if we are honest with ourselves and each other the difference between 8:08 and 8:15 doesn’t mean anything once we leave the gym as long as we are continually approaching better.

Make your last rep look like your first rep.

Unless your first rep was crappy then you should make your last rep extra awesome to make up for it.

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