Xplore CrossFit believes in practice

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In CrossFit the only move that most folks ever try to do with a jump rope is a double under. If you have spent any time at XCF you know that we do a whole lot more with jump ropes than double unders. In fact, once you become proficient at double unders they are the easy part. If you are still struggling with double unders this may seem ludicrous but just keep chipping away at it and you will eventually see. It doesn’t seem like it at times but it is nothing more than practice. Lots and lots of practice. My best set of double unders was 211 in a row and I was angry because I was racing Blaze and he did 221 in a row. I did double unders for two minutes straight and the only thing I registered in that moment is that I lost. The moral of that story is there is always something to complain about. The real essence of that story is there is always someone better, or there is always room to improve or Blaze is a jerk. Slice it any way you want to, but recognize that the race isn’t really against any person. Not in the gym or in life. Yes there is competition, yes some resources are finite but ultimately you go home at night and you are the one that has to sleep with the choices of the day. Did you give it your all? Were you kind? Did you learn anything from the failures of the day? Did you win graciously? And maybe today the answer to all of the questions is no. That is alright. God willing, we get to try again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. So much room not only for improvement but for practice as well. Keep practicing good stuff and good stuff will become great stuff.

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