Xplore CrossFit believes in good modeling

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I was having a conversation with an athlete the other day about when to start their kid lifting weights. It really depends on the kid but what I think matters equally is what kind of example are you setting. Telling your kid to get outside and play instead of playing video games doesn’t carry as much weight if you are on your computer when you are saying it. They say a lot more is “caught then taught.” I believe it. My kids are 1 and 3 and it is creepy the stuff they pick up. Anyone with children can attest to this. I think anyone who has even spent considerable time with a child can attest to this. What are you showing them about the importance of a fitness lifestyle? What are you teaching them about food? That stuff gets ingrained deep. Plant good seeds. They will bear fruit later. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said “I wish I started this 20 years ago.” Well 20 years ago is today for your little ones. Maybe they aren’t little in stature but if they are still eating your food and sleeping in your house they are still taking cues from you on a daily basis. Give them something to model that is worth modeling.

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