Xplore CrossFit believes in believing

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I love everything about this lift. 110k thruster. 75k bodyweight. Handsomeness in abundance. Watch the video and then let’s get into it. He didn’t make the lift and I still love it. In fact I love it because he didn’t make the lift but until it was over that was an unknown. He approaches the bar like he is about to do work. He is serious and unafraid. He is confident. There is expectation. This is more than some of us can deadlift and he is going to attempt to do a thruster with it. There is resolve. There is expectation. That is what I love most I think. Expectation. He has never done a thruster this heavy before but that has nothing to do with whether or not he can. Does he think the bar is heavy? I have no idea. Not until he misses. After the first miss I expected him to put it back. I love that I was wrong. He decides to try again. In fact it doesn’t even seem like it was a decision to try again as much as it was a resolve I am not putting it back until he gets the lift or the lift proves impossible and impossible is not decided in a single attempt. In fact impossible isn’t even the right word because it is indeed possible. You can see that he believes it is possible. It didn’t happen today but it will. In fact if I showed you a video of Handsome Tim hitting this lift two days later it wouldn’t surprise you. He believes something about himself that many of us don’t believe about ourselves. We can. And we should. I want you to roll that one around for a little bit. You can. And you should. The next time you approach the bar. The next time you get on the AC. Or maybe even the next time you are about to shout at your boyfriend or wife or kid remember that you are more resilient than the moment. You are not just strong and powerful. You are patient, and gracious, and kind. Expect more of yourself. I do.

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