Work, rest, repeat

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The other day Erin asked me when I was going to slow down. She said I was trying to do to much and that I should take a break. I said I was going to take a break as soon as I finished this next project. We were having breakfast at Portage Bay. We had just left the radiology clinic and we just found out that our first child was going to be a little girl. We named her Charlotte. Maybe you have met her.

Fast forward a bit and we are cleaning up after Charlie’s 4th birthday party she asked me again. She actually asks me a lot, and the answer is always the same. Right after I finish this next thing. Am I just lying to her, and possibly myself at this point? I really had every intention of taking a break after I finished the last thing. And the thing before that. And the thing before that. I can’t keep it up forever. In fact at times I haven’t kept it up. There have been multiple times when I have felt like my head was under water. The problem is that I feel perpetually in the water whether or not I am actually drowning and the best I can do is tread. No matter how hard I kick I will never be on top of it. There is always something else to work on. Some other thing to pursue. Some project to get wrapped up in. These things are often good and even great things, but are you, like me, allowing yourself to get pulled off balance by the never ending list of “stuff.” We don’t squat everyday for a very good reason. More isn’t always more. We need rest. We need to take breaks in between sets. The harder the sets the longer the breaks need to be. This is the path to our best. Work, rest, repeat. I don’t know if I am writing to you or myself. I guess it doesn’t matter. Let’s both commit to creating the space in our lives to rest. We will be better for it.

In case you haven’t met the folks you help to feed here is a picture of the whole bunch.


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