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Considering how much ass they kicked it has taken me way too long to get this post up. I am going with the excuse that I was so incredibly moved by their performance that it has taken me this long to be able to put my thoughts and feelings into words. I am a very sensitive person and I don’t ever rush into anything or even say anything without thoroughly thinking it over. That being said I am finally ready to give me recap of the team competition at Wodfest. I will sprinkle in tidbits of my less than stellar performance in the individual competition. The whole thing went down Saturday September 20 up at Magnusson Park. All the events took place outdoors and it was a beautiful day for it. All of the team completed three events and the two teams with the highest score after 3 events faced off against each other in a final winner-take-all suck fest of a workout.  For this event our team consisted of FoJo, who is called Chris Herndon, other places, Kevin, Jodi, and Nimz, who sometimes goes by Whitney. These four monsters were chosen after a special selection process showed that no one else was available that weekend.  Not even a little bit true. We actually drew their names out of a hat. XCF is so chalk full of outstanding athletes we just pick people at random to represent out gym at competitions and we still rock it.

The first event the team was set to do was a weighted run. Each time had 17 sandbags of varying weight that added up to 480 pounds. They had to move all of the weight 800m. We talked strategy for days and didn’t arrive at our final plan until a few minutes before the event. Some teams tried to carry so much weight they could barely walk and other teams tried a strategy of very little weight and fast running. It was clear that it would take two trips so we settled on the max weight you could job with. Just before our heat was about to start someone figured out that we weren’t running first at all and that we should have been warming up for deadlifts and clean and jerks. We moved to the other workout site, changed shoes and got set to annihilate everyone. The heat that was finishing up was a suffer fest. One of the teams clearly didn’t think through their workout strategy. I could only take so much so I went up to the team while they were working out and helped them make some changes that helped them survive the workout. The actual workout involved an 8-foot wall with bars and plates on either side. There was a men’s bar and women’s bar on each side with a big stack of plates. It didn’t matter how you split them up as all plates were loaded on the bars. On one side each team member performed 21 deadlifts. On the other side each team member had to do 21 clean and jerks. 2 people started off on each side. Once they completed their lifts they had to scale the wall and do the other movement. Once they finished the second movement they had to get back to the original side. The team members could help each other over the wall and it was a good thing too because I helped Jodi practice it on her own and the moral of the story is “Jodi is lucky to have a face right now.” Anyhow FoJo and Jodi started on deads and Kevin and Nimz started on clean and jerks. All four athletes crushed the deadlift and the clean and jerk was handle in a steady rhythm of each athlete doing two reps at a time. The bar weights ended up being a critical factor because if one person had too much they would get crushed. We finished 90 seconds faster than the winner of the previous heat and in second place for the event.  JHo failed to impress anyone with a 1 rep max clean and jerk of 255#. He hit 265 in the warm up so 270 would have been nice in the actual event but he missed because he is weak in the head. Now it was time to run with some sand. KD and Nimz destroyed this workout. They ran so fast that after one lap their were 400m ahead of some folks and after two laps they were so far ahead of the other two members of their own team that they were able to go back and grab some more weight from them so they could all sprint across the finish line. The XCF team soundly won this event putting them in first place overall.  JHo ran like the wind on the sandbag event. Unfortunately it was one of those gentle spring breezes that move gently over the fields. He didn’t impress anyone here either.

The 3rd event was a team Cindy workout with a twist. You only had twenty minutes for each athlete to do rounds of Cindy but before you could start you had to do 100 kettle bell swings. Only one athlete could swing at a time and as soon as the next athlete finished swings the athlete on Cindy had to stop working. This was a grip killer. The judging standards on this one got very loose to the point that I was shouting at other athletes like some little league dad whose kid isn’t getting good calls from the umpire. We took 3rd on this event but we hung on to our first place position.  The 3rd individual event was double unders and box jumps for 3 minutes. JHo would have been very impressive but he was cheering for his team on the sandbag run so he was late to his event. 20 second late to a 3-minute event seems like a lot. This is especially true with double unders and box jumps which you can complete a lot of in 20 seconds. Once again no one was impressed.

The team final was an uphill prowler push relay with 400 pounds, followed by moving 500 pounds of sandbags over the 8 foot wall, then wall burpees which involved doing a burpee but instead of jumping and clapping you had to scale the wall, and then finished with each athlete doing 25 pull ups. Because of our point lead we got a 15 second head start. FoJo killed it right out of the gate He was done with the prowler and hurling sandbags over the wall before their first athlete had even started the prowler push. By the time KD got to the sandbag toss FoJo was just about done. The ladies didn’t even have to throw a single sandbag. 4 wall burpees each and again FoJo led the charge he practically just did a layup with each athlete over the wall. At one point I think I saw him climb the wall with Jodi on his back just to see if he could do it. All four athletes took turns doing short fast sets of pull-ups such that we ultimately won soundly and took home Wodfest gold. Wodfest gold turned out to be Wodfest black rubber because our prize for winning was some free sandbags. On the 4th individual event JHo finally did something noteworthy and crushed everyone at a metcon involving lots of squat clean thrusters. It was only enough for 7th place after so many other lame performances but it was a nice note to end on. Once again XCF has ended a weekend with a win. November 12 is our next big day. We will be sending folks to Mt Rainier’s Strongest Man and Woman event down in Sumner. Mark your calendars folks. We are coming back from that with a win as well.

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  1. my favorite part was watching the boys hurl sandbags over the wall as a warmup to hurl jodi and i over the wall. or maybe watching jho scarf 3 lbs of special pig before crushing the thruster workout in a pool of pork fat….i can’t decide…..

    what a day. so proud of our team!

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