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Today was the most epic WODfest yet. Granted, it was the 2nd Wodfest ever but isn’t it nice when things move in the right direction. This year had more teams, individuals, and a new location. We threw down at Gasworks park all day and completed as many as 5 events depending on your category. Marco had his 2nd competition experience and had some sweet PR’s for the day. 1 rm thruster from the ground, highest number of CF comps in one year, and he didn’t finish last. WIN!

Donkey competed in her first CF comp EVER! She snuck into the spot of a no show so if you look her up you better check the stats of one Melanie Jordan. How fitting that on her first competition she competes under a pen name and an awesome one to boot.. Our of 30 ladies or so Donk finished in 12th. Not too shabby. In the photo Donk is finishing her first event. A couplet of burpee wall climbs and heavy axle deadlifts. She won her heat by a fair margin and if she hadn’t spent so much time lying on the ground she might have won the whole damn thing.

Team XCF was the defending champion of WODfest so the pressure was on. The competition was much stiffer this year. Nimz, Riley, Blaze, and Clancy put up some sick numbers on the first 3 workouts to enter the finals tied for second. Even with some technical issues our team still went into the final workout tied for second. The final workout was a winner take all gauntlet that required each athlete to complete one benchmark lady. Elizabeth, Fran, Diance, and Grace. As you can see CrossFit shows no favoritism. Nimz had to move her bar about 2 feet further than her competition but Nimz could reach the pull up bar all by herself. She is a big girl now.

It was awesome to watch except for all of the crappy reps. King CrossFit was gunning for a win but out ladies weren’t going to give it up without a fight. I am sad to say our boys didn’t blow any minds but Nimz and Clancy were show stoppers. For the final workout points were converted to seconds so the higher you were ranked going into the final the more of a head start you got. We had to start 50 seconds behind but Nimz made it all up on Fran. Unlucky for Blaze he was pitted against some Diane specialists and the gold started to slip away. Clancy picked up the slack with an epic grace but King CrossFit was just too awesome today. Our team finished in 3rd overall. Pretty sweet accomplishment. KD went out as an individual today in the fire breather division with me. We were in all of the same heats and it was cool to get to work close to him. His thruster was just ok but he did amazing on the sandbag run. If someone hadn’t cut him off at the last turn he would have done even better. He crushed deadliest and burpees and except for someone literally punching him in the back during his last set of deads he probably would have won his heat. I made it to the finals with THREE OTHER JORDANS.

It was awesome to have so many people calling my name. I had to start 30 seconds behind which turned out to be a too much lag because I went in third and finished 3rd overall. Two competitions in 7 days seems a bit much. I definitely need to rethink my training schedule. 2nd and 3rd place isn’t too awful. Rainier’s Strongest Man is next month and I am the defending champ for the heavyweight division. XCF is bringing home gold next month.

In other news…

Kevin Daniel’s youngest daughter can’t read. It is very sad. We are having a fundraiser for her next month.

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  1. Wow… Really great and motivational post on the days activities! It’s no wonder you guys have such a great. Competition gym, you guys break it down! I love it, next year get your name on that wodfest trophy!

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