Winter is here

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The Open is finally upon us. It seems like the 2015 CrossFit Games just ended and now the 2016 season starts tomorrow. Close your eyes for a minute and it will be time for regionals. For most of us the Open is a time to test ourselves. We have nothing to prove. There is no next step on the road to the Games for most of us. We are going to show up and do what we always do. Work hard with cool people and find out how much we have changed since we started this fitness journey however long ago. The magic though comes from the united worldwide effort around 5 workouts. For the next five weeks we are connected in greater ways to every CrossFitter and CrossFit gym in the world because we are celebrating the same thing in the same way. We are suffering together on a global scale. The next five weeks will be full of firsts. First muscle ups, double unders, and pull ups. We might see snatch PRs, deadlift PRs or just effort PRs. Sometimes realizing you have more in the tank AND that you are willing to give it can be just as powerful as bigger back squats. I am excited to be on this journey with you guys for the next five weeks. Embrace this season. If this is your first Open don’t hold back. Next year you will appreciate the beginning of your story even more. If you haven’t signed up to be a part of the Xplore CrossFit team you can do that HERE. We are doing the workouts either way but if you sign up it is pretty fun to see how you rank in your city, state, region, age group, etc.

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