Wins and Lessons part 3

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Continuing with the conversation from the past few days I decided to share part of my value searching process. This process can take time and put you in a very vulnerable place. I am open to responses to my process based on what you know of me in the gym. Is there alignment with what I think I want to do and what I am actually doing? This is a vulnerable place for me as well but I am fully receptive to feedback.

What do I want to teach/lead and why?

I want to teach people in the arena of physical and mental well being. This might be in a gym or some other setting in which fitness, wellness, mental health and clear visions for life are achieved. I want to do it because I like to see people make those connections. I like seeing the lights go on. I like being a part of the long lasting impact that those changes can make. I can’t turn it off either. I coach at the gym, at Starbucks, and at home.

Why is that important?

It feels good to empower people. They feel good. I feel good. Everyone wins.

Why is that important?

I know that empowered people will have a greater impact. A great impact at work, at home, in their relationships, and every circle they move in.

Why is that important?

More people with more impact means more “stuff” gets done. Stuff is anything from actual physical tasks to greater creativity because people are free to pursue those things that move them when physical and mental barriers are eliminated.

Why is that important?

In a world where more people are doing more for themselves and for others is a world in which people, all people, go further, faster, with greater resiliency, and a stronger community to fall back in the event they fall as they dare to reach further than they or anyone may have thought possible.

So when you get down to the bottom and really peel back some layers you get to see some pretty cool stuff undergirding your actions and beliefs. Our vision statement for XCF is “strengthen our community.” At the core of that is a belief that we are changing the world by changing individuals and sending them out to do more for themselves and for others.

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