Wins and Lessons part 2

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What does the psychiatrist who needs to see a psychiatrist do? What about the coach who needs a coach? I know all of the answers. When my coach ask me a question I know the answer. I am not talking about the true answer. I am talking about the right answer. I know all of them. What is the point though? Why put in the time and the money if I am not bringing the truth? I see this often. Especially in the arena of food. Don’t worry about what I think when you are reporting your food. If we don’t know what you are truly doing we can’t truly offer a solution. In wouldn’t call a plumber and then tell him that I think my toilet has a problem when it is really my shower. We need to get past that place of self criticism and then we need to get free of the weight of other’s ideas about us and THEN we can start creating a picture of who are capable of becoming. What we are capable of is strongly affected by what we ultimately desire.

Bill Collins, the author of Good to Great, which “you read at your graduate school right?!” wrote a great essay for the Harvard Business Review about defining your vision. He says your vision should be something that will last at least 100 years. You can change jobs and life stages but your vision is so central to your being that if will go with you. He presents an exercise called the “5 whys” in which you state what your vision is and then you ask yourself why. Why is that important to you? After you answer you then ask the question 4 more times. It get’s really tough by round three but keep pushing forward. There is something interesting to be learned. I use the exercise in a variety of value exercises for myself and with athletes at XCF. For instance I am receiving coaching from a woman right now who is helping me clarify some of my stuff. One of her questions about my core value of teaching and leading was why I do it.

I will share my process with you tomorrow.

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