Why so serious?

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Lots of double unders today. Lots of angry faces, and throwing of ropes. Double unders are hard. Until they aren’t. And they only way to get good at double unders is to practice double unders. 3 to 1 single unders, 5 to 1, or even 10 to 1 is not going to get you closer. At some point you just have so suck a little bit. You have to suffer a little bit. And so what?. Maybe you don’t finish under the time cap. Maybe you don’t “get a good workout in.” What is your measure of a good workout anyway? If I do 200 double unders in a row and you do 200 double unders in 20 minutes,and you spent the whole 20 minutes working diligently on getting them done, which one of us did more “work?” There are multiple facets to our fitness. A big part of what we do in here has to do with your mental capacity. I want you to be strong in every sense of the word. I want strong minds and strong bodies. Maybe your PR today was just not quitting. Whether today was your first double under or your first time doing 50 in a workout I am proud of you. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. There is a lot of good stuff on the other side of it.

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