Why do you hate yourself so much

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Every so often we do a longer than average workout. For the average CrossFitter 30 minutes is long. 20 minutes seems long to me. To the average distance runner 20 minutes is just a warm up. It is definitely sport specific but if we want to truly be a balanced athlete we need to be ready for short and long time domains. Enter the 10k row. 37 minutes and 18 seconds of awesomeness. Maybe 38 minutes if you aren’t really feeling it that day. Everyone hates it. People walk in, look at the board, and walk out. It is too long, it is too boring, my butt hurts too much, the excuses never end. Let’s jump to Eva. Today’s rainstorm of a workout. An official “lady.” A horrific bench mark that appeared a few years ago and consists of an 800m run, 30 swings at 2 pood and 30 pull ups. 5 rounds of that madness for time. It takes most folks longer than rowing 10k and they hurt in so many more places it is hard to imagine why more people don’t just quit. What is it about the much more intense suffering and longer lasting pain of Eva that doesn’t push people away. In fact it brings people in. Somebody puts it on Facebook and then people start canceling meetings so they can make sure to do it. If I put 10k on the blog people start work earlier and stay later just to avoid it. It could be the variance in Eva but why limp around for the next 3 days and cry when hot water hits your torn calluses in the shower? None of your friends who don’t do CrossFit are impressed. In fact people who have yet to drink the kool-aid think you are an idiot. Why do your hate yourself so much?

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  1. i went to dinner at my parents after Eva, my mom saw my hands and started yelling at me, like all greek mothers,

    “why do you do that to yourself”,
    my dad interjects, “you’re stupid.” classic old school response, and im fine with that, that’s just his way of saying he loves me.

    mom – “you should stop doing this, put some hydrogen peroxide on that”
    me – “immortals don’t need Hydrogen Peroxide” thanks for making me feel like im 6 again Jordan, as my mother insists she pours it on my hands for me.

    random friend, “have you trained for your 16 mile run that’s part of your relay?”
    me – “I do crossfit”
    friend “you’re an idiot”
    me “it might hit 60 dergees, shirts off brah”

  2. Observations:
    *Eva is worse than natural child birth and most certainly should not be done before an important golf match.
    **”Giri” welcome to the general population. You need a nick-name quick- before GT makes one for you. Just ask “semen”
    ***Happy birthday Mullet!!!!!

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