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Continual learning is one of the core values at XCF. I want to keep learning as a trainer. I want you to keep learning as an athlete. I want to learn from you as well as facilitate your learning. This comes with a lot of questions. Mine and yours. I know why I am asking my questions. Do you know why you are asking yours? I get questions every day about my recommendation regarding some aspect of the training and after information has been dispensed as often as not I find myself back in a conversation with the same athlete about a problem that has arisen since our last exchange. As often as not it is a result of the recommendation not having been followed in the first place.

Real example:

AA: My _____ hurts pretty bad
JHo: That right there? Yeah it looks pretty effed up. You should stop doing that. Do this other thing instead
AA: That seems hard/boring/not what everyone else is doing.
JHo: No one else has an effed up ____ like you do.
AA: Well I am going to keep doing this and if it hurts I will stop.
JHo: You just said it hurts right now
AA: Well not enough to stop I just wanted to know if you think I should be concerned

Fast forward a day, a week, maybe even a month and now we are having a much harder conversation about ____. Why do you even ask? I am not excluded from this group. I have prescriptions at my house I never got filled. I have called my folks for advice I didn’t follow. I have rebate forms that I haven’t filled out. I think there is a part of us that just wants people to know that something is wrong so we can feel validated for having identified the problem before it got really bad. I often find I know what the answer is and I just want someone else to literally force me to take action. Is that why you ask the things that you ask to the people that you ask? So that they can be responsible if something goes wrong? I wager you know what needs to be done so do it. Stop doing that thing. Stop eating that stuff. Stop talking to that girl with the thing on her neck. Do the thing you need to do to get the thing you want to have and stop trying to get someone else to get you to do it or even do it for you. You are stronger than that.

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