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We are a little over a month into our 90 days of purposive living and training. Just about everyone put up three goals on the dream board. I loved reading the goals that people put up and I really dug seeing how much interest others have taken in goals of other folks in the gym. We increase the likelihood of hitting our goals when we write them down. We further increase our likelihood of success by making our goals public. Telling people what you are trying to achieve gives you a greater level of accountability. The dream board gave us the first two steps and now I want to capitalize on it. I want you to take the accountability portion up a notch. This week I want you to ask someone how they are doing with one or all of their posted goals. I encourage you to choose someone you don’t know very well. Why not make an opportunity to get to know someone better. We have so many kick ass people in the gym and until you know all of them you are missing out. For instance did you know that Amanda Goodin used to be a bald pothead and she graduated top of her class at Yale? Did you know that Jan actually got John Hancock’s John Hancock in person when she was a teenager? Did you know that Josh Walker is half Asian? Read their goals and ask them how they are doing. Simple. Maybe someone is challenged by something that comes easy to you. Share your experience.  It doesn’t matter that I told you to do it. So what if it feels forced. If people answer each other honestly we will achieve our endgame. I want everyone to go above and beyond on their goals, and the best way for us to do this is if we take an interest in each other.  My nutrition goal was to be gluten free and in the past week I have blown it in about every way imaginable. Granted, I have been travelling for a week but that is not a very good excuse. In fact I am sitting in a training seminar in Hollywood Fl while I write this and I just finished eating a sandwich. I was a little surprised at the lunch that was served to a bunch of fitness and wellness folks but my surprise didn’t discourage me from eating two sandwiches. When I am at home though my wife is pretty good about giving me judgmental looks when I am about to falter. CI has been a great support as well. Every time I want to eat something glutinous he takes me out for nachos. It has been a life saver. I have made progress on my fitness goal of doing ten ring handstand push ups and snatching 100 kilos. I am up to 5 hspu from 3 at the start. My lifestyle goal surrounds putting my family before fitness. This has been a tough one but it is moving in the right direction. I made the decision not to train for the CrossFit games this year. That frees up time, energy, and even brain space that can be directed toward Erin and our pending progeny. What are your thoughts on the name Congenitalia? Some folks have asked about the schedule changes and one of the reasons I don’t teach classes much in the evenings anymore is so that I can be home for dinner.  Certain areas are more challenging than others but the beauty is that even the effort is doing something positive for the balance in my life. If I only snatched 1 more kilo, hit 8 hspu, and spent more but not as much time as I’d like with family I still did great things for myself and those I care most about. Are you taking steps?

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  1. Two philosophy Ph.D.’s were pursuing perfection in their profession at Central Michigan University when I was a student there. The elder (at the apex of his career) said to the younger, “Learn from me, my friend; pay attention to your family.” The elder had been divorced twice and his first wife was raising their five children in Colorado. I am glad you are taking lifestyle steps for a happier ending.

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