Wheat is murder

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The Paleo challenge officially starts tomorrow – February 15th. Make your favorite refined carbohydrate your valentine if you must and say your sweet goodbyes. It will start off feeling like the worst breakup ever – and then 90 days from now you will realize it is the best decision you ever made.

This will be an individual as well as team challenge – so if you chronically cheat you aren’t just letting yourself down! Your team captain will be contacting you to let you know who is on your team and where to keep track of your progress. And now for…….


Each day you will keep track of your total food points. There will be five levels. The first three levels are grains (this includes beer!), sugar, and dairy. Each of these items is worth 2 points. You must cut out all three of these groups in order to be eligible to log points from the top two levels. The top two levels are legumes and alcohol/caffeine. They are worth 1 point each. Therefore, if you were to opt for full paleo, the maximum total points for each day is 8.  You will choose at what level you would like to participate at the onset of the challenge. For example, if you commit to no grains and no sugar your maximum daily points for the first 30 days is 4 points per day. You may adjust your daily point goal at 30 and 60 days if you choose to. I know it sounds a lot like weight watchers but there is a very important twist. We are badasses and we are going to be even badder asses by the time this whole thing is over. There won’t be any public weigh ins and shame circles if we can avoid it.

We would like to see a minimum of at least 4 points from everyone. If you can only stand to eliminate one group from your diet we request it be grains or sugar. These will make the largest difference. If you eat any of the items you have committed to eliminate you will receive 0 points for that day, even if you only eat one prohibited item. Again, 0 points for the day if you cheat. If you have questions about what is allowable ask your team captain or any one of the trainers – we are here to help you succeed!

We will be doing testing in the gym every 30 days to track performance improvements. The 5 tests are 5k row, 300FY, 100 push ups, 50 pull ups, and 1 min AC. Points will be awarded for PRs. There will be other bits of godness along the way to score additional bonus points.


1. Decide what level you want to participate at and tell your team captain. (Choose anything you want as long as it is 4 or higher)

2. Fill your fridge with paleo deliciousness

3. Be awesome
Our sincerest hope and expectation is that you see real change through this. We encourage you to take the first 30 days as a true and significant test of your will. Work one level up from where you think you will be comfortable. The rewards will surprise you.

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  1. What are the teams? And Mullet, I’m gunning for you at the next 300FY. And the one after that. And the one after that…

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