What’s up with Wednesday?!

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“Most days I leave here feeling so good and on Wednesday I just feel shitty. And not like I just worked out shitty I mean like actual curl up under my desk and wonder if my emergency contact info is current.”

-Lara Z.

I love our Wednesday aerobic power tradition but I am definitely in the minority. Training on Wednesdays looks very similar to the Wednesday preceding it. This is intentional. There are slight differences but for the most part we are working on producing changes in our aerobic output and that involves some progressive(repetitive to some layfolk) training. I think the biggest complaint is not so much about how little changes week to week but the fact that the AC never seems to be the thing that goes away. If you think about it though the AC only makes up about 25 percent of the workout. Half of the workout is rest. You are only doing 85% on the top end and by the end of the workout you are probably down to 60% or less.

.25 x .5 x ((.85 + .55)/2) = .088

So really you are hardly doing any AC at all. You can’t argue with math.

Think of Wednesdays like a track workout or swim practice. Work hard then rest then repeat. A lot. The cool thing here though is you don’t have to go outside and get track dust on you or chlorine in your hair. You get to stay inside where it is warm(not necessarily a perk in July) and watch the clock countdown with painful slowness while you grind away on the bike. WIN!

So in summation I think a better question than “what’s up with Wednesday?!” I think would would be “how come we only do aerobic power work once a week?!” You should definitely talk to the owner. I bet he would bend on this one.

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