Vacation from work, not from training

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CI posted a comment to the travel post that reminded me of some pretty sweet footage that I had archived from our trip down to South Africa two years ago. We spent 10 days or so working at the orphanage that we help support through the 5% project and while we were there we did a lot of fun stuff with the kids during our training sessions. This is the first of a few videos that I will get up over the next week or so if all goes well. Let this be an inspiration to you regarding training while on the road. Find something heavy and lift it. Find something to hang from and do pull ups. Easy.

When we were in Zimbabwe I really wanted to find something fast and either chase it or run from it but CI shot that one down. Probably for the best. I was pretty sure I could outrun this mama warthog that I was two seconds away from spanking. The unassuming Chinese family standing next to me might not have faired so well.

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