Uphill both ways

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It is happening. We are going back to Africa. And the “we” has expanded. Erin and I went in April but now this time Irvine and my sister Ashley are coming too. We also get to spend twice as much time at the orphanage which is going to be awesome. They are starting all sorts of new projects like a chicken farm, and local artist co-op. We hope to get involved in all of it with assistance ranging from swinging a hammer(Irvine the skinny) to graphic design work(Erin the incredible), to tutoring(Ashley the brain) and even some casual awesomeness(yours truly). In all seriousness we are going down to help out and bring back pictures, videos, and lots of stories to share to better give our athletes and anyone interested a very clear picture of what we are supporting on the other side of the world. The need is huge. You guys blew my mind back in April when we got so much soccer gear that we could barely get it all down there. There was so much money turned in that we outfitted the kids with winter coats. This time there are lots of ways to help out. WIth the money from the 5% project we are going to be buying new mattresses for all of the kids there. I slept on one of them in April and they are slightly less than awesome so it will be great to get some new stuff for them. Also with those funds we will be sending five kids to their senior prom and senior trip. One thing that is lost on many Westerners, including myself at first, is that at many orphanages there is no adoption process. These kids are there until they grow up and move away. This is their family. They have “Zulu moms” who take care of all of the stuff that moms do and when they finish high school they move along. This poses a great challenge because no one set up a college fund or even took them to get a driver’s license. Stuff is in the works to rectify this but it is slow going. Long story short even events like senior prom are out of reach because they don’t have fancy dresses and such. We, Xplore CrossFit, are going to solve that little problem this year. We are bankrolling those poor brown lads and lasses so they can go out in style.
There is more though. Mattresses and prom dresses are great but we want to do more. There are about 40 women who diligently serve the orphans and the larger community. We are putting together carrying kits for these ladies. It is partly a thank you for serving gift and partly a practical tool. We have 11 days to gather a crap ton(technical term) of each of the following items.
40 Fanny Packs(any type, color, used/new)
40 scarves
80 pairs of warm socks for adult women
40 travel size hand sanitizers
80 tubes of chapstick (any kind)

There is a long list of basic medical stuff which I will post tomorrow. If you have any hook ups I beseech you to take advantage. Call in a few favors or hold up your neighborhood Bartells. Thank you in advance for being the most generous athletes in the world. Just think, you could have been born into a AIDS infested region of Africa and had to walk 21 miles to school and come home to corn meal everyday but you WEREN’T. You got me instead which may or may not have been a blessing. 12 days. Let’s get it done.

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