Turkey and Thrusters

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There is so much badassery going on in this photo. Patty Brown is crushing overhead squats like it was her job. Funny story, before Patty was bossing Mez around she used to get paid 12 dollars an hour to do overhead squats in a weird themed night club in Venice so it makes sense that she rocks them so hard these days. Weber is in the background trying to keep up and doing a fine job of it. I know it looks like Charles is taking a break from L sits but he isn’t. That is it. That is the C Mount L sit special caught on film.

In other and more important news

Here is the updated schedule for the rest of 2011. Make the most of it.

19th-22nd: Normal schedule

23rd, 24th, and 26th: No class

27th-30th: 7, 11, 4, and 530

31st 9am

Make the most of these last training opportunities. All of the easy stuff will soon be behind us. 2012 is going to be epic.

2 Comments on “Turkey and Thrusters”

  1. “If you enjoyed this article . . .”
    Well, yes.
    In fact, I propose a print edition of blog postings. I would read them and laugh again. Good job, Patty Brown: I saw this overhead squat in the gym and it was as impressive as pictured here.

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