Tough call

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We make lots of decisions everyday. Most of them are pretty easy, in fact many of them have become almost automatic. It doesn’t take much mental effort to get your pants on. It might take considerable effort to choose which pair of pants to wear but once the selection of which pants has been made the next few steps are pretty easy. I don’t know though, maybe you have your job and so getting out of bed let alone putting on pants might be something that takes herculean effort each day. I am sure though that once the call to duty has prevailed the pants or no pants at the office debate is a short one. There are tougher decisions though and these can go either way. Let’s go back to that job you hate. To quit or not to quit? That is a tough one. Tough decisions don’t have to be of such immediate life altering importance though. There are of course those “what should I do with my life” decisions but there are a lot more “steak nachos vs steak salad” sort of decisions. In moments of clarity we define our goals. We determine the path we ought to take and maybe even the steps required to get there. We put our plan into action and we feel great about. Well, at least we feel good about it. It is going to be hard but we are committed. Nothing can stand in our way. We have resolve. Right?! Well we do until it is tested a time or two. Or forty or fifty. We have to keep making that same decision over and over. Sometimes people tell us to relax and just go with the flow. Do what feels right in this moment. “What does your heart tell you?” What if your heart is wrong? What if this moment is not representative of what your long term vision is? When you decided to choose this course you considered the stumbling blocks. Stumbling blocks seem to be clearly defined from the distant and comfortable position where we first made our decision but they seem like such good alternatives when they are right in front of us. We reason with ourselves that now we are working with more information. If knew then what I know now I would have chosen differently. Is that true though? Or is it really if I “felt” then what I feel now I would have chosen differently. It is a tough call because feelings can be so transient. The head and the heart can be fickle, dichotomous entities. It happens to all of us in lots of situations and what we do in those moments will ultimately culminate in who we are as people and what we accomplish with this life. Every day we are writing pieces of our story and we only get to write it once and in real time so it is really a tough call.

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