Tomorrow Never Dies

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“My diet starts tomorrow.” My father has actually said that every day since we got here. When he said it last night I asked him about starting a diet on Christmas day to which he replied, with near disdain and incredulity at my lack of awareness concerning this obvious dietary caveat, “Christmas is a diet blackout date.” Well excuse me sire. I didn’t know diets resembled booking air travel using miles. With a little investigation I found out that Christmas, New Years Eve, Thanksgiving, July 4th, birthdays, weddings, and any personal event that life changes significant enough to attract 100 or more likes and or 40 plus comments such as a significant promotion, a epic breakup from someone all of your friends hated, and of course the entire length of gestation are all considered free for all periods during any dietary commitment no matter how stringent.. This includes the bun in your own oven or the oven of your loved one. Confession time. I gained more weight during Erin’s 3rd trimester than she gained during her whole pregnancy. Win JHo!
As much as it pained me to hear this from my own father it was not surprising. I hear it all of the time. We are controlled by the carbs in our past and our present. Just the smell of my moms spaghetti will make me abandon my iron fisted resolve surrounding my nutritional prescription the day before a competition. It might be two glasses of wine with dinner today. A couple of mini snickers tomorrow at work. It is always something. Carbs are pernicious and unrelenting beasts. They are also the best source of fuel we’ve got. The good thing is we don’t need that many of them for most of what we are trying to accomplish. What would it take for you to cut them out? I mean really cut them out. No birthday cake. No Monday night football nachos. No sprouted whole grain toast to mop up your runny eggs. Just cut them out and experience change that you are unfamiliar with. Take a risk that could change your life for the better. I am sure you have a few thousand extra calories sitting around in that high performance machine you call a body. (1 pound of fat contains around 3500 calories)
Try it for a few weeks and report back to me. You should have been up a nice insulating layer between thanksgiving and today anyway.

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