Today’s best

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Before I had my own CrossFit affiliate I was a member of CrossFit Seattle in Ballard. I was coached by Dave Werner who is such a bad ass that he is still cool wearing sweat pants that are too short with one leg of them inadvertently tucked into his socks. He is a grandfather, coach, business owner, athlete, and creative genius. He made our squat racks and conceived of our pull up bars.  The bars were actually built by another Manimal named Laith but that is a story for another day. Dave has contributed significantly to my abilities as a trainer and I still take advice from him on a regular basis. The other day I was in his gym and there several classes going on at once and there was an abundance of poor movement. IT shocked me because Dave has such high expectations and it was from this that I adopted my own policy of awesomeness or nothing. I asked him about it and his response surprised me quite a bit. He said, “It’s not as shitty as yesterday.” This super simple idea was quite a revelation for me.  It was so powerful in fact that it has gone to reshape the core values of XCF. What if instead of always trying to achieve perfection now we settled for better than yesterday? The word “settle” has such negative connotations but it doesn’t have to. How many more people could we help if we didn’t lower our expectations but just changed the timeframe in which we expected them? People are scared of CrossFit and I think they are scared of it at XCF even more because we want so much from people every single day. I think we could help more people change if we only asked for more than yesterday. Anything more will do. 1 kilo, 1 second, or 1 rep will suffice. Some days it only means showing up when you have 16 things pending at your job and you didn’t get a good night sleep. The “you” of yesterday would have skipped the gym but today you are someone who shows up in spite of what life throws at you. All we are looking for is today’s best.

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