To exercise or not to exercise

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South Africa is providing an abundance of sun, dust, and time. The third is the only one that is actually helpful in the quest to stay fit while we are out of the gym. The limited equipment here at the orphanage makes programming a fun challenge everyday but as Irvine loves to say “grab a stick and a rock and get to work.” We brought some rings, and a jump rope which was more than enough to be sore every single day we are here. One thing I have found though is that there are at least two different attitudes one can have about fitness while on vacation.

My attitude, which I am sure surprises no one is, “the sun is up, time to work out.” which is later followed by “the sun is still up, let’s work out again” and ultimately succeeded by “the sun is setting, let’s get in a quick set of tabata orphan tosses.”

Irvine on the other hand takes a slightly different approach. “The sun is up, let’s sit in the sunshine” which is followed by “the sun is still up and now the kids are home from school, lets go play with the kids in the sunshine” which is ultimately succeeded by “the sun is going down, let’s watch it go down and muse about the last time we worked out.”

I was shocked to find out that he isn’t really in the mood to work out all that much while we are here. Granted we are doing a fair bit of manual labor most days and playing with the kids is exhausting but come on. How are we every going to tie for first place in the CrossFit Games in 2011 if we don’t train seven times a day until next summer. He responded by farting in my general direction and continued to read Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.(a modern children’s classic that he found while cleaning out a room at the orphanage) I didn’t know how to process what I was hearing. This is our profession. This is a hobby, our passion, the topic of every other conversation we ever had. How was he capable of letting it go for two weeks. This is not to say that he hasn’t worked out at all. In fact we worked out yesterday. A lot. It just isn’t everyday. In fact it is only about every 3rd day. He just wanted to “enjoy himself.” UGH there are children present. In Seattle I feel like Irvine and I are not only cut from the same cloth we might not even have been separated at birth but since we have been here I have seen a side of him that is repeatedly causing me to pause and ask myself “who is this person?” It is all in an extremely positive way. I have learned something about the way in which different people can pursue passions one at a time and move fluidly back and forth between these pursuits. Irvine is 100 percent committed to being a badass and simulataneously fully committed to being a doctor and right now he is fully committed to loving on these kids and looking for every opportunity to serve the community down here. I find that I am trying to pursue all of my passions at the same time all of the time and this may be to the detriment of each area I am trying to work in. I imagine that some of us need to put a little more time into certain areas of our lives and others, like myself, might be better served by putting less time into a few things. Sometimes we are best served by just being present. Do you fully engage in every situation you are in? I have realized that I take the gym, and everything that goes with it, with me everywhere. I am never free of thoughts of clients, nutrition, lifting, 101, payroll, billing, and unfinished projects. I saw the most beautiful acacia tree in the world the other day and my first thought was “can I do a pull up on that?” Irvine was content to stand in its shade and admire the beautiful country we are in. Granted, we had just done 1 million handstand push ups but you get the point.

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  1. This posting makes me laugh, sigh, and rush to share with my co-worker Ruth and anyone else who will listen. Keep writing. Keep pursuing. You have a fan club that pants for the prose to come off the press.

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