This isn’t my year

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This is my life. I am not the strongest guy at our gym. I am not the fastest. I am not the best runner. I am not the best gymnast. I don’t have the best endurance. I am the best rower. 1 out of 6 isn’t bad I guess.  I want to be stronger than Chow. I want to do more, faster, and better pistols, pull ups, and handstand push ups than Nick, Riley, and Blaze. I want to be outrun…at least the ladies. I went for a run with Clancy once and she talked the whole time. She didn’t shut up for one single second. I didn’t say a word. Not because I didn’t have anything to say, but because she was running so damn fast that it took all of my energy to keep up and to make it look like I wasn’t about to have a heart attack. The other day one of the women at the gym was just talking about a run she went on and it made me sad inside. All that to say that I have plenty of room to grow. It isn’t going to come easy. 2013 will certainly prove to be a memorable one. I will be a better me than I have ever been. 2013 is still just a stepping stone. It is the warm up room for 2014. The folks who blow minds with their physical prowess didn’t just wake up with it. They earned it. Lots of reps, and sets, hours on the road or on the track or in the pool. It was a journey and it sure as heck didn’t come from one new years resolution. It was a lifestyle resolution. Better doesn’t come from managing your “cheat” days. It comes from having more “better” days. What if instead of deciding which day you were going to slack off you chose one day where you kicked twice as much ass? Do you have that day marked on your weekly calendar? This isn’t just your year. This is your life and you are using it up one day at a time so make much of what you have in front of you and do something worth reflecting on instead of doing something you are trying to get over. Ands once it is done. Do something else. One way or another you are going to leave a legacy. What will yours be?

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