The road back

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November and December and all of the subsequent holidays, parties, vacations, and flu like symptoms make for a very challenging end to the year in terms of our fitness. Many of us do more damage in those 2 months than we did the rest of the year. Some of us are even capable of completely reversing the gains we made over the previous 12 months. Regardless of whether or not you finished the year down 10 or up 5 today we are going to move closer to the goal. It is hard though. Sometimes the backsliding makes us feel like we aren’t making progress. What I find more though than discouragement is shame. Shame that we let our selves get derailed. Shame that others will see us and judge us for it. We used to be _______ and now are are just so _______. And it sucks. An athlete said to me the other day that they want to go away and get back in shape and then come back so people at the gym wouldn’t know that they let things get away from them. Silliness. This is the place where we put it back together. It was not showing up, and putting in the work that landed you where you are now. Going elsewhere isn’t the answer. It is a common refrain though. I can’t do CrossFit. I am not fit enough. CrossFit isn’t the prize. It is just a path. It is how we get from where we are, to where we want to go. Stop thinking of fitness as a destination instead of a journey.

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  1. every time I think it’s time to stop by for a class it I have a strange but persistent feeling I’m not good enough #silliness

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