The problem with problems

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Seth Godin presented an interesting idea the other day about solutions to problems. The problem with certain solutions, even great solutions, is that people may not know that they have a problem. You may think you have the answer to someone else’s problem but if they don’t think they have a problem then you are offering something they don’t want. The people with the solution then must create a problem. This can also be stated as opening someone’s eyes to their preexisting condition. You had a problem that you were unaware of and you simply became aware. This is great news for the problem solver who is ready to swoop in with their ready solution. We face the same challenge with our fitness message. Everyone who is unfit has a problem. We want to help them fix it. How do we open their eyes to the problem that they don’t know they have? What do we do when they know they have a problem and don’t want a solution? irvine and I were discussing the other day how to get people in the door in one sentence. We were trying to figure out how to create a problem in 10 words or less. Once people come into the gym and get there first taste of CrossFit the problem as well as the solution become apparent. They realize they are unfit. They realize we are offering fitness. Easy. It becomes a challenge to manifest this same recognition without leaving someone sweaty and winded after rowing and box jumps. The more people who realize they have a problem, the more lives we can change with a solution. How do think we can better create a problem for people to then better offer a solution?

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  1. If you two could get the dread knights in the door, and can get them moving toward fitness, I have the utmost of faith in your ability to preach the gospel..even if it took more than 10 words.

    Showing people what they actually need & teaching them the tools to get it is key to reshaping our world..and making prettier, stronger asses is a great by product.

  2. I feel like the challenge is coming up with a 10 word pitch that will resonate with a wide audience. For any individual, I’m not sure that a 10 word pitch is all that difficult — knowing which 10 word pitch to use is another matter. After all, you’re selling different things to different people.

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