The other reason for the season

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Christmas is all about Jesus and soccer. I know what you are thinking. When did Christmas get all Jesusy? Well it turns out he is kind of a big deal but that is not what we are on about today. Today I want to talk about soccer. Mainly little shoeless soccer players in our very favorite AIDS infested region of Africa. That’s right folks. The orphans need some new soccer boots. That would be cleats to all of you uncultured Americans. I say uncultured in a very “you are wonderful buy some shoes for the kids” sort of way.

In all seriousness though everything that you guys have helped make happen down there has been awesome. Two years ago Erin and I had to buy bigger suitcases to get everything we collected down there. In two weeks a friend is headed down and he will take the shoes for us so that is a win. The 5% project is all about low overhead.

We will take new, used, stolen, borrowed, or handmade cleats. Here is a size and need list:

Size   Quantity
6          4
7          5
8          5
9          3

The kids are a little bigger. I hear that is a good thing. Awesome story, the girls that we outfitted in 2010 rocked the region and ended up winning the championship. Pretty sweet. We have 15 days to round up the goods. The revenue from the 5% project has been helping to fund a farming project there on the property raising chickens to be sold to the community. They have lost some funding over the past year or so and they are quickly trying to become self sustainable. It is exciting. I will give a more detailed update in our next newsletter. Please help make this a sweet christmas for those motherless negros.

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