the new next level

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I love this video. I love it so much I may have even posted it before and forgot about it. It is worth it.

I had a conversation today about resolve. We discussed resolve and whether or not there are levels or caveats. I like to think of resolve as being in or out. You will or you won’t. No judgement either way but you either do something or you don’t and own the outcome. Caveats are discussed when something has a changes of desires. You want to lose 20 pounds this year. You want to do it more than anything. But there is also cake. Cake is so good. Sometimes it seems better than losing that 20. Enter your resolve. You either do what you said what you are going to do or you don’t. Your resolve holds or it breaks. That being said you can certainly start over. You can try again. There is usually another opportunity to show what you are made of. The strongest of us will ultimately show we are cut from tougher stuff. We will stand up under the pressure. We have failed before. Monumentally even. We fought our way back and showed the world that our resolve is indeed something to be taken seriously. But the rest of the world? Let them eat cake.

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