The meaning of Christmas…and the schedule update

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What is the meaning of Christmas? It depends on who you talk to. Ham? Birth of Christ? Pick up heavy crap or time? The answer is all of the above. You guys are so lucky to have a jedi level web researcher as your trainer. I have discovered convincing information that the denotative definition of Christmas outside of religious tradition(which is awesome in its own right) is the winter festival of picking up heavy stuff and timing your efforts. In the almost extinct Garifuna language it translates perfectly. If you don’t believe me just come to the gym and ask me. I will tell you. If that still doesn’t convince you then just find someone who speaks Garifuna and ask them. It is a shame they are so hard to find. Just take my word for it.

The schedule for the rest of the month is as follows: No more classes.

I am just kidding. There is no class on December 23, 24, 27, and 31. There is also no class Jan 1. True story. That means you should work twice as hard in the days you have left and do doubles on the days when the gym is closed.

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