The heat from your undercarriage

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We lift heavy stuff. A lot. We move fast. Really fast. Except Ted. This means that some of our parts can get a little beat up from time to time. This is not a problem if we make the time to care for our wonky bits before they get full on broken. I am a big fan of the preemptive strike but most of us already have some wear and tear that we came in with that we seem to constantly be trying to work through.  I have lots of thoughts on that but my two things in particular strike me. The first thought regards taking a step back and really addressing your ish and then stepping back into the pit. I don’t mean stop everything and just see your naturopath. I am talking about slowing down and making the “fix” your number one priority. Lay off the muscle up attempts until you get that shoulder thing sorted out. My second thought surrounds consistency with the little stuff. Most of you know what your weakest link is and one thing you could be doing to address it. Are you? Do you roll the thing that needs rolling or ice the thing that needs icing? Take care of this machine you call a body because to date the replacement parts are super expensive and not all that good anyway.

I am digging Vaughn taking some time for a little bit of self love in the middle of class. XCF is full of some incredible athletes and sometimes you just have to stop and put some ice on your “inflamed” areas. She says it was her “hip flexor.” Sure it was.

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