The first rule of XCF

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The other first rule anyway is ALWAYS talk about XCF. The second rule of XCF is? ALWAYS talk about…you get the idea. We have been getting so many new folks in the gym the past month it has been exciting. Last Thursday as we were wrapping up the 5 and getting ready to start the 6 there were 30 people in the gym. The last week in our old location the combined attendance at the 6pm class Monday through Wednesday was 6! It is amazing. The community at XCF is unparalleled and folks shared with me their thoughts on our ability to keep the culture so cool. I am blown away by the coolness of our new additions. I hope you are taking the time to get to know the newest recruits and making them feel welcome. Don’t forget how scary it was for you in the beginning. This is true for everyone except Steve Gunsch. He doesn’t need any love. He is plenty in love with himself.

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