Thanksgiving schedule

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Thanksgiving week we will only be having class on Monday and Tuesday. The schedule both days is as follows:

7, and 11AM, and 4, 5, and 6PM

The fact that it is a short week is no cause to shorten your training volume. There is always something to do to keep pushing toward your goals. I am visiting my folks this week and they have a set of rings in the garage. There is a whole host of bodyweight exercises that I can tackle and the beauty is I suck at most of them. Whether you hit the road to visit family or stayed at home you should take time out of the gym to focus on the things you hate that are always at your disposal: burpees, hspu, L sits, pistols, and pushing your car. This may also be a great opportunity to rest, ice, and mobilize if you have been dealing with some chronic stuff that seems to always be lingering even though you are getting fitter.

If you are looking for something fun I encourage you to try this one on for size Thanksgiving morning.

Car push 100ft
15 Burpees
5 rounds for time.

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