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Thank you to everyone who came out on Friday and made our 3 year birthday/Africa Recap party a success. It is always great to meet the better halves of the athletes at XCF. The food was incredible. There was some pretty amazing things to eat but the prize for best dish wasn’t even a contest. The Foody’s brought some smoked salmon that actually had the power to forgive sins and it was served with some potatoes that added 4 kilos to my snatch and 8 kilos to my deadlift. There were definitely some honorable mentions. I didn’t even know Rachel had a kitchen in her house but the broccoli quiche that she brought was amazing. It certainly wouldn’t be an XCF function without Donkey balls and she certainly came through on that account. The most involved dish prize goes to Frank who brought it in a Crock pot to keep us in good graces with the slow food movement. I know I didn’t mention everything and everyone but I am most grateful to all of you for supporting this event. The biggest party foul goes to me for managing to get someone else’s drink on at least 7 people with one swift and childish movement. The African recap slide show put together by my wife was pretty sweet. We filled everyone in one what happened during our last trip as well as outlined our plans for the future. We received more donations and commitments for future support. In the very near future we will be updated the 5% project page with all of the details. I am again impressed and inspired by the generosity of the athletes at XCF. It has been a great 3 years and I am looking forward to year 4. Big things are on the horizon.

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