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I made 5 resolutions this year and I am only ahead of the game on one of them. I committed to read 52 books this year and I am killing it. I have even knocked out some epic tomes like the Count of Monte Cristo and I am still on pace. I recently made the poor choice of reading Game of Thrones and now I am hooked. I am knee deep into the 4th booth in the series and I am glad that the series is only 7 books long. I am way too emotionally invested in those characters. If I had run into George R.R. Martin shortly after I finished the 3rd book I probably would have punched him in the junk.

Right now I am reading The Power of Less by Leo Babauta. I don’t know how I came by it. I am a compulsive book buyer and my addiction support group clearly isn’t working because this book just showed up in the mail. It sat on the shelf for a while but in faux break from my fantasy addiction it seemed like a good choice. It certainly was. The main idea of the book is doing less and being more productive. Choose only what is essential and let everything else go. One of the ideas presented is creating new habits associated with your chief goals. Choosing a single goal to start, make it simple, make it public, bla bla bla. I have decided to commit to putting up a blog post of some sort  Monday through Friday. The goal is to make it about gym stuff but I won’t commit to that. Some days you will be forced to look at the C monkey pursuing elite toddlerhood or possibly just another iPhone video of me deadlifting but the goal is to get some fun stuff up 5 days a week. Hold me to it.

This post marks 3 in a row!

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